"The Name Of The Game Is Measurable, Positive ROI..."
- Marcus Wiesner - 
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Marcus Wiesner, Owner And CEO of Wiesner Advertising
Located Southwest Of Donkey Creek In Gillette Wyoming
Who Else Wants All Of The Warm Leads Their Business Can Handle?
Just imagine how much easier it would be to build a profitable business if you had an auto-pilot system for prospecting and lead generation, your ideal clients were coming to YOU, and you were no longer relying on yourself or hired employees to make cold calls.

Over the last several years I have generated millions of dollars in sales at companies I have worked for by using marketing strategies to generate leads, set appointments, and close sales. It recently occurred to me that other people (like possibly you!) could benefit from using my expertise.

It turns out, I was right.

Since we started, we have already been able to work for big names such as Conor McGregor's new August/McGregor Clothing line, huge investors in the Singaporean market, and many many more. And we are located in Gillette, Wyoming!

If we can do it for ourselves, then we can do it for you too. In fact, some of our best results are listed below.

But before we go much further, I'd like to introduce you to a way of thinking that could easily double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of money that you make from your advertising dollars.

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You Could Be Our Next Success Story...
With Wiesner Advertising, You Can Get More Than THREE TIMES That Amount!
A Single Campaign: Could Make You Over $107,361.09 In Only 30 Days
These are the results from an Amazon campaign that we ran with real sales numbers from the last 30 days. Wiesner Advertising was responsible for everything except for product selection and pictures.
You Could DOUBLE Your Closing Ratio!
“The closing rate on new car internet leads at our dealership was around 6% for many months. When Marcus and the team worked together to change the style of our communications and our selling systems, he was able to consistently produce a closing rate of 12% with those same leads, which was double the previous amount. I would highly recommend Marcus’ work and will be happy to rave about him to others. He is simply the best.”

– Adil Elomri, Former General Manager at Mercedes Benz of Denver

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